Senior Emotional Needs

Our golden years should be a time when we are doing the things in life we enjoy. Those things we put on hold due to lack of time or other financial obligations. For a lot of Seniors this is not their current situation. Many of our Seniors suffer in silence due to depression and feelings of loneliness. Many Seniors don’t have family or friends who are able to visit often, and this may contribute to isolation, loneliness, depression, anxiety or some other emotional response that takes away from our Senior’s ability to experience joy daily.

Some Seniors also have medical issues which cause them to be less mobile. Conditions which keep them from doing the things they are used to being able to do. In today’s world our Seniors have also been placed in the role of parenting their grandchildren. This role holds them responsible for tasks they had long retired from after raising their children, however, now must add to their daily living. Seniors are the Matriarch and Patriarch of the family and hold the history of our family’s lives. We want to be that support for our honored Seniors. We want to give Seniors a voice to express how they feel and help them develop positive coping skills to handle those things which are out of their control.

(In-home services are available to Seniors with Medicare)

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